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On Dreams and Pandemics

Last night, I dreamed about walking beside my friend’s father, who passed away in August.

He was a ship’s captain who I had a great deal of admiration for. During our conversation, he seemed just as collected as he had been while alive.

During the dream, he told me about the months leading up to his death, and about the way he’d chosen to live his life.

As things often go with dreams, I can’t remember the specifics of what he said, but the meaning was that he lived in a very intentional way, and he felt at peace with everything he’d done and everything that had happened.

Reflecting on the dream this morning, I wondered what it would be like to be a spirit with perfect knowledge of everything happening right now.

To know what the people who were in your life are going through. Their thoughts and their feelings.

You’d see everything we’re blind to.

The way we obsess over things that don’t matter, and neglect the things that do.

The way we miss what’s right in front of our faces.

The way we ignore what friends and family members and partners and spouses are trying to tell us, repeatedly, in a thousand little ways.

The way we let friendships slowly shrivel on the vine.

The way we so often miss our calling.

Or willfully remain deaf to it.

Then I thought that maybe this pandemic is the closest thing we’ll ever have to being that spirit, and having the opportunity to see all the things we normally miss.

Maybe it’s our only opportunity to stay in one place and reflect – on our lives and the way we lead them – and to truly see.

The friend whose father I dreamed about is an old friend, and we haven’t talked in months.

I decided to message him about the dream, and how in it his father seemed calm, and at peace.

It was probably just a dream, but it certainly got me thinking.

And it made me realize that right now is the perfect time to do a lot more of that.