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Mobile Email Apps

Apple Mail (Mobile)

Yahoo Mail (Mobile)

Desktop Email Apps

AOL Mail (Desktop)

Comcast/Xfinity (Desktop)

AT&T Yahoo Mail (Desktop)

How to Whitelist in Apple Mail

1. Select the From or Reply-to from inside one of my emails (shown as either “Author Scott Bartlett” or “”).

2. Here, you can either “Add to Contacts” or “Add to VIPs.”

How to Whitelist in Yahoo Mail (Mobile App)

1. Tap the three stacked lines in the top left. Then, tap Settings and scroll down to tap Filters.

2. Select the email account you want to add a filter for. Tap the + icon to add a new filter.

3. Name it whatever you want (e.g. “Whitelist”) and then enter “” in the Sender field.

4. Tap the ✓ icon in the top right to save the filter.

How to Whitelist in AOL Mail (Desktop App)

1. Open one of my emails, then click my name (Author Scott Bartlett) or email address ( Then, click “Add contact.”

2. Enter “Scott” and “Bartlett” for the First and Last names. Then click “Add contact” again.

How to Whitelist in Comcast/Xfinity Email (Desktop App)

1. Click the Address Book tab and then click +Create Contact in the top menu – it looks like a silhouette of a head with a plus sign.

2. Add and click “Save” to save and whitelist my email address.

How to Whitelist in AT&T Yahoo Mail (Desktop App)

1. Click the Contact Book in the right-hand menu (an icon with a head and shoulders and three lines). At the bottom of the sidebar, click “+Add new contact.”

2. Enter my name (Scott Bartlett) and my email address ( Then click “Save.”

Artwork by Tom Edwards

Thank you for your support of my work. If you ever need help with anything (including whitelisting my email 🙂 feel free to email me at