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The discovery of an alien mech enables humanity to develop one of their own. Chief Gabriel Roach is tasked with training a team of mech pilots to defeat the Quatro, who took his only love from him. Can Roach keep vengeance separate from duty?

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Humanity is tired of losing. Enter the mech.

After the mysterious discovery of an alien mech inside a comet, Darkstream Security has finally completed its own design. They assign Chief Gabriel Roach with the task of whittling down hundreds of bright young recruits to form a team of elite mech pilots, which he will command.

Their mission: protect human colonies from the almighty Quatro.

A single Quatro can take down an entire squad of traditional soldiers. Bigger than a draft horse, more muscular than a grizzly, with jaws that splinter bone. And zero fear. They almost defeated humanity before, and now they’re back – in numbers we didn’t know they had.

But Roach is the perfect one for the job. Almost too perfect. The Quatro took from him the only woman he ever loved, and now, he’s determined to make one thing clear:

It’s them or him.